Online Training

An online training platform allowing people to exercise independently, with scheduling, guidance and monitoring by me! Administered through an online/mobile application. I take online clients on at the start of each month – so get in before the next month starts to chat to me about independent training!

COST ( for 12-weeks)

$199 total
- 3 x catch-up + testing (1x per month)
- 3-6 individualised sessions written per week
- Access to all TN small group training sessions!
- Nutrition monitoring and feedback $10 p/m 
- Physiological monitoring $20 p/m
  Helpful for health/disease specific goals such as reducing pain, stress,   fatigue  etc.
- Meal plan $30 p/m (plan update each month)
- Monthly 30-minute PT session $40 each (saving you 15%) 
- Monthly 60-minute PT session $65 each (saving you 20%) 

Note: additional's are flexible, feel free to chat to me about what might benefit you best throughout your program and we'll make it work! 

Enquire below about online training!

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