One-on-one personal training is ideal for those who want hands-on guidance, whether it’s in relation to motivation or knowledge. My one-on-one style is fun loving, educational and inspiring.

Weight loss

Muscle toning/building

High intensity interval training (HIIT)

Sports specific training

Injury prehab/rehab

Exercise for chronic disease

Nutrition guidance

30-minutes: $42.00

45-minutes: $60.00

60-minutes: $80.00

All prices include GST of 15%

Sharing options do exist! If you would like to train with a buddy, it will cost you less. Furthermore if you are open to me setting you up with a like-minded exercise buddy, let me know!

If you’re coming just as a one-off, you will receive a written copy of your workout. On-going one-on-one clients receive benefits such as regular testing and small group training access free of charge.

Enquire below about one-on-one training!

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