Group Training

Working out in a team environment is a great way to get fit! Join with friends, or join solo to meet like-minded motivated individuals. There’s nothing quite like chasing goals with friends.

Classes 2020

March 2020:

PUSH is my bootcamp style session. Always outdoors, functional training using a variety of apparatus – not for the faint hearted!

Length: 45-minutes

MASTER is my hands-on, education based program where each round we focus on “mastering” different areas of health & fitness. Developed using my own knowledge, alongside that of other qualified processionals.

Length: 45-minutes

HIIT is my boxing themed session, utilising boxing basics. This is an intense, cardio-heavy session but is adaptable to all fitness levels. Great for the mind and body!

Length: 45-minutes

MOVE is all about getting our bodies moving like they should. Reducing pain, common postural issues releasing tension of all kinds through targeted strength and mobility. This class will involve bodyweight and mobility assisting apparatus (foam rollers etc).

Length: 30-minutes


UNLIMITED ACCESS (monthly): $39 for a month

CONCESSION CARD: $89 for any 10 sessions

CASUAL ENTRY: $12 per class

*Classes change each month, there will always be a minimum of 2 classes per week (Primarily Tuesday & Thursday)

February class times

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